The FranklySpeaking Story:

Born out of a random remark by a client and friend, Lloyd Mugabe, a 3-time Southern African Champion of Public Speaking as he departed for his first shot at the World Championships of Public Speaking. He said to me “Frankly speaking, no one is as frank as Frank.” After a chuckle, I was clear in my mind that FranklySpeaking would be a great name and fit for the personality I envisioned for this business.

What we do:

At FranklySpeaking, we give direction to leaders and their organisations. We believe great organisations are led by a sense of mission and purpose. They focus not only on profit but, the good they do in their community. Having experienced good and bad leadership to its extremes, I have seen the damage that can be created by corruption, lack of vision and neglect.Thus, my vision for FranklySpeaking was hatched to transform the world order by equipping every leader we partner, with clarity of vision and the value of selflessness.

Our experience:

Having partnered and worked with hundreds of business and community leaders in the over 6 years we have been in existence, transitioning from Executive Speech Coaching, to Business Coaching, to Events Management, to Executive Coaching and now Management Consulting, FranklySpeaking has stood the test of time. Our story lies more in what we stand for, our mission and values. With each engagement, we aim to engage you in deep, meaningful, introspective and candid conversation allowing you to have clarity on the direction you need to take to transform your organisation and the lives of those you lead.